Classic Jams: DJ LeNERD

Classic Jams: We get our own boys and our favourite DJs to share with us their favourite DJ/ scratch routines and tunes which can burn up a dancefloor and still educate the crowd. Check in on this every Thursday…


Don’t be fooled by the looks he’s got. DJ LeNERD sure knows how to make party people go crazy on the dance floor. He’s not just one of the official DJs in our Crew; he is the Live Mix Maestro Champion for 2013 as well!

He shares with us some of his favourite scratch routines.

Fab Five Freddy – Change The Beat

 ‘Change the Beat’ is one of the most sampled songs in music history. It was written and recorded by Fab Five Freddy. On the B-side, Freddy utters one of the most widely used samples in hip-hop history: “Ahhhhh, this stuff is really fresh”.

This particular sample has been scratched in over 750 hip-hop records. The earliest of which was the 1983 Herbie Hancock single ‘Rockit’ which featured scratching of the sample by pioneering DJ and turntablist GrandMixer D.ST.

Since then this sample has been used not only in songs, but also as part of a DJ’s battle routine and club sets.

1) DJ Rafik – DMC World DJ Championship 2007

Rafik brings to the table a more musical set rather than the “ideal traditionally technical winning” sets.

2) DJ Netik – DMC Battle For World Supremacy 2002

Netik battles his opponent with not only a diss routine but also a routine with actual choruses which is rare in most turntablism routines. That is still relatable to the non-turnablist heads.

3) Kireek – DMC World Team DJ Championship 2010

Winning the World title for the 5th time in a row, these guys really know the success formula by not overloading their sets with technical know-how. Instead, they focus on live production, simple scratches & beat juggling & crowd interaction.