ShiGGa Shay - What's Wrong

Crew leader takes a musical direction

New year, new song and new music direction. ShiGGa Shay releases his first new song in 2016 as a free download on SoundCloud shortly after the release of his self-titled album in 2015. ‘What’s Wrong’ is produced, mixed and mastered by Shorya Music at AOR Studios, and contains a sample from fellow Singaporean artist Charlie Lim’s ‘Rust’.

The song holds a significantly different vibe from what one may be used to hearing from him. The song lyrically takes on a more mysterious direction and musically strikes a deeper emotion.

ShiGGa Shay explains, “My music is constantly evolving everyday as much as I’m growing as a person. The matters and situations I speak about in songs are snapshots of what’s going on in my life as an artist.”

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Respect Wednesday Essentials

DJ NashD curates his playlist

Check out DJ NashD‘s curated playlist for his weekly Wednesday residence at Hip-Hop club Refuge. Essential to get through humpdays and the entire week. Follow his playlist & feel the heat!

Tosh Rock's new MV ‘给我一个吻 Can I Have A Kiss’

Tosh collaborates with YouTube singer Cheryl Loon

Inspired during his travels in China in early 2015, Tosh Rock did a tribute to the 50s Chinese pop tune ‘给我一个吻’ with an old schoolmate Cheryl Loon. A cheeky update of the classic with a comical Music Video to accompany it.

Fizzy Pop drops his debut Music Video ‘Save Money’

Debut of Fakkah Fuzz's comedy rapper alter ego

‘Save Money’ is a song by Singapore Stand Up Comedian Fakkah Fuzz who goes by the rap monikerFizzy Pop and produced by Shorya Sharma. Released on Wednesday 18 November, the song is inspired by the everyday financial troubles of the common Gen Y Singaporean. The concept of the video depicts the different common jobs that we do everyday. These are the different occupations that Fuzz has experienced in his life before he became a full-time Stand Up Comic, except for the saman auntie, of course.

Fakkah Fuzz has been working in the Stand Up Comedy scene for 5 years and is now venturing into different passions – Music primarily being one of them. For Fizzy Pop, this video speaks about the woes of average Singaporeans and how they wait for their salaries when it’s close to the end of the month.

ShiGGa Shay releases 'Never Learn' MV

Last MV from ShiGGa Shay's self-titled album

Crew leader ShiGGa Shay releases the last Music Video ‘Never Learn’ off his self-titled full-length album on Monday 16 November. ‘Never Learn’ is a piss-take at the naysayers who has given him flak for pursuing music full-time in Singapore and his passion for his art.

ShiGGa Shay the album drops on 9 August 2015

ShiGGa Shay releases self-title full-length album

Singapore rapper ShiGGa Shay drops his self-titled full-length on 9 August 2015. This is an accumulation of his music journey for the past 3 years, showcasing uptempo Hip-Hop bangers to soulful beats and ballads. Still perfecting his craft as a wordsmith, ShiGGa Shay’s lyrical themes range from personal tribulations to comic observations in life on this album.
Mastered by long-time music partner/ Singapore music producer extraordinaire Don Richmond, the music is mainly produced by Don, upcoming music producer Shorya Tha Reign and ShiGGa’s fellow Grizzle Grind Crew member, LINEATH.
Besides the 2 singles ‘Lion City Kia (Kid in Hokkien dialect)’ and ‘Wussapa’, the album features collaborations with indie folk singer Gentle Bones, pop group The Sam WillowsBenjamin Kheng and fellow Grizzle Grind Crew members Tosh Rock and Wang Weiliang. In fact, ‘Siala’ features Weiliang’s debut in rapping as well.
The real-life buddies collaborate again on ‘Brothers Forever 兄弟’ which samples from Don’s work on the Ah Boys To Men musical. Lyrically, it spun off from a deep conversation about their childhoods, particularly Weiliang’s harsh growing up period in a single parent family. ‘Ang Moh Pai’ revisits the successful pairing of Tosh Rock and ShiGGa Shay (which gave birth to ShiGGa’s viral hit ‘LIMPEH’) on an energetically playful cut where the duo trade jibes and cheeky adlibs effortlessly. It is not exactly family friendly, we would say.
‘Red & Blue’ is a slow RnB tune, inspired by the ladies. The Sam WillowsBenjamin Kheng takes a dive into his love for R’n’B and soul music, singing a beautiful hook/ chorus.
Every rapper has a song about their mums. ShiGGa Shay is no exception. ‘Mama Don’t Cry’ is an ode to the greatest woman in his life, his mother and a particularly traumatic experience in his childhood. In this tune, he states his wish to give his mother the most comfortable life possible, as any filial son would think of.The physical album will contain bonus tracks and a lyric booklet.

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ShiGGa Shay's 4th single to promote his album release

ShiGGa Shay puts out his self-titled full length album on National Day, 9 August 2015 which is also Singapore’s 50th birthday.

ShiGGa Shay - Wussapa

ShiGGa Shay's 3rd single off his album

ShiGGa Shay releases his new single ‘Wussapa’ with his trademark sound which combines Mandarin, English and local dialect Hokkien on 1 July 2015.

You might find the chorus extremely familiar: “Alamak Wussapa Pili Pala Ai Bu Pa”. ShiGGa Shay interpolates legendary Hong Kong boyband 草蜢 Grasshopper’s evergreen hit ‘爱不怕 Ai Bu Pa’ in his latest song.

Written by ShiGGa Shay and Malaysian music producer/ rapper Tactmatic (aka Kuhan Kunasegaran), along with Calvin Choy and Chen Zi Hong, the track is mixed by Singapore upcoming music producer Shorya Sharma.

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Tosh Rock - What More Can I Say

Tosh's new single

Tosh Rock reflects on showbiz and shares his feelings – a love-hate relationship with the entertainment industry.

Charles ENERO - No Sheath No Holster (feat. Debbi Koh)

Charles' debut solo single!

Charles ENERO drops the first single ‘No Sheath No Holster’ from his upcoming debut EP Monks And Ferraris. The tune features new Singaporean singer-songwriter Debbi Koh on the hook and is produced by Shorya Tha Reign.

The EP is slated to be released at the end of the year.

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#2ndGGC Anniversary Mixtape

Fresh cuts and jams mixed by DJ NashD & DJ LeNERD

In celebration of our Crew’s #2ndGGC Anniversary, DJ NashD & DJ LeNERD throw down a mixtape. Grizzle Grind Loose Juice will be making its debut at Phuture!


ShiGGa Shay - ShiGGa Morning (feat. iNCH)

2nd single from ShiGGa Shay's upcoming album

2nd single off ShiGGa Shay‘s upcoming album, featuring Singapore singer-songwriter iNCH. The Music Video is shot in a single take and directed by Grizzle Films’ Bucket Lee.

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LINEATH - Ground Works

New EP from the GGC beatmaker

On Saturday 27 September 2014, young Singaporean beat maker and producer, LINEATH will be releasing his 5-track solo EP. Ground Works can be bought via and be found on most music streaming sites. The EP has been lovingly put together with the guidance of his mentor, music producer Don Richmond. All five tracks have been written, produced, mixed and mastered by LINEATH.

The lead single from the EP is ‘Rumble’. It’s a rowdy, up-tempo and rudely driven song. Crossing between English and Tamil, the lyrics touch on personal matters, “re-introducing” LINEATH as a rapper and also showing a glimpse of his full potential as a beat maker.

The other 2 standout tunes ‘Ratchet Girl’ and ‘Australia’ are intertwined as both songs revolve around the same topic. ‘Ratchet Girl’ has that pop, Hip–Hop and EDM vibe running throughout the entire song. That particular style sums up the entire EP. Starting off with a Hip-Hop beat, it morphs to a pop chorus, creaking down to a Trap drop.

‘Australia’, on the other hand, was supposed to be a simple 20 seconds interlude after ‘Ratchet Girl’ which took on a new life, evolving into a new song. The 20-year old producer shares, “One thing I really love about this song is that it’s a really fun song to play live!” ‘Can’t Wait’ features a killer scratch routine from fellow Grizzle Grind Crew mate DJ LeNERD, winner of Live Mix Maestro 2013.

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Tosh Zhang - 对不起 I'm Sorry (feat. Wang Weiliang)

Music video for an out-take tune

During the Lion Men filming period, our boys Tosh Rock and LINEATH got together to write a couple of tunes for the movie’s Official Soundtrack. ‘对不起 I’m Sorry’ was an unreleased song which did not make it to both OSTs. Wang Weiliang got onboard and lent his vocals for the chorus.

Tosh made a video and dropped it on his own YouTube channel. Enjoy.

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ShiGGa Shay - Lion City Kia (feat. LINEATH & Akeem)

Debut single from ShiGGa Shay's new album

It’s ShiGGa Shay’s tribute to Singapore, exploring what he loves about his home country and celebrating the diversity found in this small island-state. Besides his penchant to spewing Hokkien slangs and phrases, he has gotten his fellow Grizzle Grind Crew member LINEATH to contribute a verse on the track. LINEATH throws down a sick verse in both English and Tamil on the song which he has produced the beat. Celebrated Singapore underground Malay rapper Akeem joins the boys, paying homage to his ‘hood of Woodlands.

The video is primarily shot in Dakota Crescent which is scheduled for demolition end 2015. He hopes to be able to preserve memories of that old ‘hood through his music video.

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Leaders of the New Skool

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Grizzle Grind Crew - Grizzle Grind Anthem

Theme song from the Crew

The official theme anthem from our Crew. You can download it for free from the above links.

Grizzle Airwaves Vol. 1

Piloted by the GGC DJs

The Grizzle Grind Familia is the DJ wing of the Grizzle Grind Crew. Comprising of DJ NashD, DJ LeNERD and DJ Hund, this party-rocking DJ collective is set to takeover the nightclub scene!

Stay locked to their Soundcloud channel for more awesome music.

LINEATH - Part Of The Sky (feat. Charles ENERO)

MV single

Released in June 2013, the single is available for free download over at LINEATH’s Bandcamp Page. The Music Video was shot and edited by our boy GhxstOne.

Download from Bandcamp

ShiGGa Shay - LimPeh (feat. Tosh Rock)

The unique tune by Crew leader ShiGGa Shay which melds English, Chinese and Hokkien into a tune ‘LimPeh’ which captivated both Singaporeans and Malaysians alike. The tune was Number 1 on the Singapore iTunes chart for 10 days and Number 2 on the Malaysian iTunes Hip-Hop charts for 1 week.

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ShiGGa Shay - They Call Me ShiGGa

(Limited Physical Edition) + mp3 EP

The entire ‘They Call Me ShiGGa’ EP comes as a physical CD album with the additional bonus material.

  1. Never-before-seen footage of the making of the EP
  2. Old performance footage from ShiGGa Shay’s archives.
  3. Radio edit of “Echoes (Ft. Sylvia Ratonel)”

Physical albums are available at Includes immediate download of 9-track album in the high-quality format of your choice (MP3, FLAC, and more), plus unlimited mobile access using the free Bandcamp listening app.

Also available as digital download

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