Producer Beats: Rauzan Rahman

In our Producer Beats series, we talk to Music Producers and Beatmakers about their influences and idols. We pick their minds every Tuesday to find out more.

Started as a child performer, Rauzan Rahman’s roots began in television where he acted in many popular television production such as Kids United, Klik, Watan, K14 and many more. His presence in the local film scene was kicked off by a role in the acclaimed movie, ‘Talking Cock: The Movie’ backin 2000.

Rauzan 1

Besides his acting experience, Rauzan also broke into Singapore’s hiphop scene as a rapper/producer, contributing to several artistes within the region such as Richard J, Freaky Z and Mr Chan from Triple Noize. He is the founder of his own Production label, BrandNewFeeling. He has 2 self produced albums and 1 compilation album entitled My First Storybook, ReWrite and FindYourBestThat’sYourHighness.

He has also composed jingles for Levis’ commercials and produced tracks for Noise Singapore Festival, which is held every year to recognize local artists and their work. He produced tracks for artist such as Richard J in the Noise Festival in 2007 along with Bless and Freaky Z in Noise Festival 2008.

You operate under a few monikers Trytoplay, Brand New Feeling and of course, your own name. What’s the difference between each identity?

It is just 2 actually, I go by my name for rap and for music production, I go by Trytoplay. I just find it interesting you have a moniker “TRYTOPLAY“. Hah!

You have been doing beats and music since your teens for more than a decade. What else are you busy with?

I do design and video work as well. I also hype for Ollie’Des and DJ Rattle at Chameleon Club for COLOURS which happens every Saturday.

What projects are you working on at this point of time?

I am currently producing for a female trio group DYNDA, working on one of their songs. Besides that, I have been listening to A LOT of Trap lately, planning to release a Trap track every week on my Soundcloud page. I’m planning to tour and play my music at festivals. I am working really hard towards that!

Not just a producer, Rauzan is a performer himself. Share some of ‘ tunes which you think are timeless to you…

1. Kanye West – Through The Wire

The track made me want to sample even more. As you already know, sampling has been an integral part of Hip-Hop since it started. When I heard how Kanye West made it sound so fun, with that chipmunk voice alteration, it just made me want to learn sampling even deeper. His lyrics on ‘Through The Wire’ is the reason why I am a huge fan of Kanye. GENIUS.

2. Nosaj Thing – 1685/Bach

You know, there are some songs when you put your ears into it, even though you have no clue about the content of the song but you just love it.. Like how most people (keyword: “MOST PEOPLE”) get excited over Korean songs even when they do not understand what the artists are singing. Well, (for me, that is) is ‘1685/Bach’ by Nosaj Thing. It doesn’t have vocals on the track. Maybe (what gets me is) how he pilots the song and the technicality of the mix.

3. Billie Holiday – Strange Fruit

It is all about the lyrics here. I first heard this song back in 2009 through a friend. But when I heard Nina Simone‘s version of the song… GOOSEBUMPS. It messes with my emotions; I feel so affected.

The magic of music…