Yfest Presents: Grizzle Rhymes

Grizzle Grind Crew (GGC) partners with Singapore’s national performing arts centre The Esplanade to put together a showcase of young and top Singapore Hip-Hop talents.

Hosted by one of Singapore’s most prominent stand-up comic Fakkah Fuzz, the night brings together 9 Singapore Hip-Hop acts, both upcoming and established, on the same stage. The night ends in a Rap Cypher which all performers will come together to throw down their best verses.

Grizzle Rhymes was started in 2013 as an initiative to showcase the most exciting and fresh Rap talents in Singapore, as part of Grizzle Grind Crew’s continual vision to grow and develop the homegrown Hip-Hop scene.

Presented by Esplanade – Theatres on the Bay, Yfest puts the spotlight on popular youth culture an celebrates the verve, vigor and creativity of young performers and artists, bringing a brilliant mesh of hip hop music, dance and visual arts to young Singapore audiences.

Yfest Presents: Grizzle Rhymes
Venue: The Esplanade Outdoor Theatre
Date: Sunday 21 June 2015
Time: 7:00pm
Admission: Free

Set 1: 7.00 – 7.45pm
Grizzle Rhymes (Feat. Kira, MXNOR MXJOR and LINEATH)



Hariz Mohamed Yacob, also known as his stage name Kira, is an upcoming, young and talented rapper/songwriter from Singapore. In 2012, he released a track, ‘Barbara Palvin’ (from his first mixtape KS Mixtape) on YouTube that caught the eye of the Victoria Secret model herself. The video has over 88 thousand views and was featured in the Hungarian news, where Barbara came from.

He was also featured in the LOUD section of the New Paper in January 2013. His latest self-released mixtape, kiddosheldyISdead featuring his banger track ‘whatchuKKnow’, introduced his new ego, showcased his clever yet hilarious punchlines and also potrayed the emotional side of him.

Now representing one of Hip-Hop crew 13, he is known to come up with catchy, superhero-killer references in his wordplays.

Listen to more Kira here.



As part of a Singapore Hip-Hop crew TheAtticGenesis, both Syakir and Frizzay set their minds on breaking into the industry. They eventually took the stage for 2012 National Day Parade, the Singapore National Games 2012 and the Mediacorp First XI Grand Finale in 2013.

With both singles ‘We’ll Be Alright’ and ‘Found You’ on local airwaves, this act is taking Hip-Hop Music to a mainstream level.

MXNOR MXJOR is currently in the midst of recording their EP. Packed with a gritty attitude and edgy musicianship, they are definitely an act to look out for.

Listen to more MXNOR MXJOR here.


Lineath copy

Born and raised in the Lion City, LINEATH is a self taught beat maker and a rapper. He started producing at the tender age of 14 and is steadily showing great potential to be one of the best producers to have ever came out from this tiny island.

He gets his rap influences from legendary rappers such as JayZ, T.I., Eminem etc.

He is also influenced by producers such as Diplo, Skrillex and Swedish House Mafia and incorporates a touch of electronic music to his beats too.

LINEATH is also a member of a local Hip-Hop collective, the Grizzle Grind Crew fronted by ShiGGa Shay.

Listen to more LINEATH here.

Set 2: 8.15 – 9.00pm
Grizzle Rhymes (Feat. MeanKid + QDot, Charles ENERO and Mark Bonafide & The Love Rebels)

MeanKid + Q-Dot

MeanKid + Q-Dot

MeanKid surfaced during 2014 as part of the local Hip-Hop collective, StonedChillKids. This got the attention of Sei Shuttle Records and a deal was struck with the recording and release of a mixtape, #Walaowei. In this mixtape, he focuses on depicting his own experiences, creating highly detailed first-person narratives that deconstruct the life of an inner city teenager living in the east of Singapore.

In October 2014, Q-Dot released his debut 4-track EP, ColorVoid. The EP consisted of 4 songs produced by 4 individual local producers; each of them brought their own sound. The first of its kind as it has never been done in the Singapore Hip-Hop music history. Q-Dot has also written and produced 4 music videos, each curated to fit the songs from the EP. These 4 music videos also doubles and merges to create a short film. One that is definitely unique.

Listen to more MeanKid here & Q-Dot here.

Charles ENERO


Charles ENERO is a rapper from Singapore’s premier Hip-Hop collective, Grizzle Grind Crew. First gaining attention in the local Hip-Hop circuit as Singapore’s unbeaten rap battle champion, he has since left the competitive arena and channeled his focus into releasing more music.

ENERO is a conscious lyricist touching on a variety of topics beyond the common braggadocio; from social issues to neuroticism. In 2014, he contributed several songs in Grizzle Grind Crew’s Leaders Of The New Skool mixtape. He is currently working on his Monks & Ferraris EP set for release in the second half of the year.

Mark Bonafide & The Love Rebels

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Award-winning R&B and Hip Hop artist, Mark Bonafide, has released ‘U Thought (feat. Taufik Batisah)’, the first single off his album, LV/RBL.

In the span of a decade, Mark has performed across the Asia Pacific region, most recently in Russia and India, and has shared the stage with Grammy- nominated and winning artists like the Black Eyed Peas, Dr Dre, Snoop Dogg and Craig David. His previous album The Bonafide Experience spawned 8 singles and topped the local music charts two weeks in a row when it was released in 2009, while the track ʻSo Bonafideʼ won the prestigious COMPASS ʻSong of the Yearʼ award.

Listen to more Mark Bonafide here.

Set 3: 9.30 – 10.15pm
Grizzle Rhymes (Feat. Mean, Akeem and THELIONCITYBOY)



Mean is an artist known for his versatility and all-rounded capabilities. As an emcee, he adapts to various music styles which ranges from angst linguistic substance to heartfelt lyrics based on his life experiences. In his solo project entitled In Flight, he developed a distinct brand of hazy hiphop vibes filled with ethereal beats & rhymes.

Besides rap, singing has also been a part of his musical journey, Complimentary to his vocal abilities, digital music production has been a forte instilled in him despite being a freshly groomed in-house producer. With raw sampled sounds that send chills down your spine to hard-hitting 808 bangers that will make your speakers go hammer.

Listen to more Mean here.



Akeem, also known as Akeem Jahat, is a Rapper/Songwriter/Producer.

Born and raised in Singapore, he is known for his brash and honest delivery in his bilingual raps. Akeem’s fusion of both English and Malay has caught the attention of listeners from the Internet and Radio Airwaves, locally and globally. His two mixtapes Suke Hati Nenek/

Akeemotheraphy and SeluDOPE has shed a new light in the world of Hip Hop.

Based in both Singapore and Malaysia, he represents GIDMONEY FAMILIA.

Listen to more Akeem here.



Uncaged in the form of THELIONCITYBOY is Asia’s latest ally in music after partnering with BMBX, a label formed by Apl.de.ap from the Black Eyed Peas.

A rapper, producer and music activist, he has been seen on TEDxSingapore, while building superfans and a network of industry champions at MIDEM 2012, A3C 2013, SXSW 2013, CMW 2013/14, Music Matters 2013 and on his live TV debut on Mediacorp’s “Countdown to SG50”.

An Indian & Eurasian by ethnicity, he blends Western & Asian content on top of signature urban music production. Increasing in following and hungry to light thecity alive with new releases, the Singapore native is ready for the throne. A fitness and football enthusiast, THELIONCITYBOY has also produced, written and placed in a key StarHub campaign with LIONSXII a project together with his hometown football hero, Fandi Ahmad. Also inspired by photography and fashion, he was voted in Style Men: Singapore for Best Dressed List of 2014.

 Listen to more THELIONCITYBOY here.

10.15 – 10.20pm: Yfest Hip-Hop Cypher